Hillcrest Elementary

hard at work

hard at work

process, process, process

To begin our journey we split up tasks. Stacey went to the pioneer to get articles, Ben and Stephanie went to take pictures of Hillcrest and to the public library to find any history they could. Kendall collected pictures from a colleague and worked with Heath on visual directions. 

Through our researched we started to get the indication the closing of this school was a very emotional trigger. The articles stated parents felt they never had enough time and information to fight for their school while board officials said it was the only choice they had and it was the right choice for the community.

Our projection is to represent the conversation and argument between the two sides. Each have their reasonings on why the school closed. We chose two colors and typefaces to communicate the two sides.

We are excited to see the outcome!

Community Discussions

"It kind of came out of the blue, it is one of the schools with the highest student counts and has the most students walking to school. I’ll be interested in hearing the committee’s rationale and take it into consideration."—Kathy Bouwman

"We’re going to be hit for about $300,000 a year, and that’s just for the basics, let alone buying buses, equipment or anything like that."—Tom Langdon

"we don’t want to make those wholesale cuts of staff like some districts are doing. It’s a matter of walking that tightrope of cutting what you need, while keeping programs. That’s a reason we have so many kids that are school of choice."

I felt we had enough information. The community didn’t feel that was. Our job is to listen to the community, and make them more comfortable with the decisions we are making.”

"In my 10 years as superintendent, I’ve never had to make such a tough decision."

"Closing a school right now is a lot more palatable than total staff reductions or program cuts."

"I have a real concern that if we close a building, it might not save us any money if the students leave the district as a result."

"I’m very concerned sending my fourth-grader to the middle school next year. There are a lot of staff curriculum changes to make over a three or four-month period."

An exposition on Hillcrest Elementary projections.
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